Bernie Chapman: Golfer, Torn Meniscus


It started when I was exercising…. I didn't think much of it initially so I continued riding my elliptical (thinking I could "work this pain out"). The sensation was annoying, but not real painful. A couple of days later, I went to the Heritage golf tournament and limped the golf course for three days…. and yes, it was hurting then.

I heard from several friends of their good experiences with Midlands Orthopaedics. That Sunday evening, I went to their website and looked at their list of Orthopods and researched a few of them. I decided upon Dr Bernard Kirol (what turned out to be a great decision). Both Dr. Kirol and Midlands Orthopaedics had very high recommendations and practice histories.

I completed the request for an appointment that Sunday night and received a call the next morning at 8:30 following-up on my request. I had an appointment with Dr Kirol the next day.

He was a pleasure to meet and most professional. After examining my knee he ordered imaging studies. His office called me on Wednesday said that I could see Dr Kirol the next day, Thursday. Dr Kirol reviewed my imaging studies which confirmed a torn meniscus and we discussed my options... without any pressure to do one thing or another. He provided the facts, discussed my activity life style and future expectations and recommended that I should consider surgery, which I decided to do. 

I had the surgery 10 days later (my choice), and after great follow-up care and exceptional physical therapy care, I am doing very well...back to golf and other activities!  

The greatest challenge with my injury was dealing with daily living activities like bending my knee to get in and out of a car; going up and down steps; reaching to tie my shoes, etc...  It definitely slowed me, and those with me, down as we did things and the pain got progressively worse.

Dr. Kirol, referred me to an outstanding physical therapy group, Physical Rehabilitation Group, that ensured that my progress after surgery was successful…and it was. I am pain free with daily life activities and am back to playing golf. Unfortunately, the surgery did not improve on my golf game!

I can only say that my experience with Midlands Orthopaedics, Dr. Kirol, and the Physical Rehabilitation Group was excellent. I could not have hoped for a better outcome or more personal and professional care.

I do not hope for another orthopaedic injury, but if I have one, I will contact Dr. Kirol first!