Tony and Jadanna: Torn Rotator Cuff and Knee Arthritis



I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and impingement of the left shoulder. I drive a school bus and steering the bus without severe shoulder pain was incredibly difficult. This could have ultimately affected my job. I saw Dr. Kirol several years ago who performed a knee scope and had excellent results, so I arranged an appointment with him again. Dr. Kirol recommended surgery for my rotator cuff tear. Everything was explained in great detail and all staff, including the surgical staff, were very helpful in answering all my questions. I now no longer have pain while performing my job! I have had a total of three surgeries and procedures done by Midland’s Orthopedics and will not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Kirol and Midland’s Orthopedics.  Thank you for all that you and your staff has done!


I had significant left knee pain which impacted my mobility and the ability to exercise. Just the act of walking comfortably was a challenge. Due to my husband’s great experience with Dr. Kirol, I decided to see him for my knee. I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis of the left knee and Dr. Kirol informed me that I was a candidate for a partial knee replacement. After having my partial knee replacement, I can now walk without a limp and am no longer in pain. We have referred several people with similar issues to Dr. Kirol and we are so pleased with our results. We highly recommend Midland’s Orthopedics, their staff, and facilities. Thank you!

Vincent Perry: Golfer, Father, Knee Arthritis


After years of aggressive use of my knees for both work and play, I developed osteoarthritis in both of my knees. As a result of the arthritis, the pain in my knees progressed to the point where every step I took was painful.  I was no longer able to walk long distances, throw the football with my children, conduct building tours at work, and play golf.

I was referred to Dr. Kirol in 2009 for shoulder pain.  He performed surgery and the outcome was excellent.  When my knees regressed to the point that my basic life functions where impacted and I could no longer participate in the physical activities that meant the most to me (playing sports with my children and playing golf), I sought out Dr. Kirol.  The result of the shoulder surgery gave me total confidence in Dr. Kirol.

From the first appointment to the surgery Dr. Kirol and his team made me feel confident that, through various treatment methods, my condition would improve.  Through the entire experience I never once felt that his treatment methods wouldn't improve my condition.

My first knee was replaced in April and I was able to play golf in June of 2017.  My second knee was replaced in September of 2017 and I was able to play golf in November, pain free! Total knee replacement has been LIFE CHANGING!

For others with a similar injury or surgical need, advice I would give them is this... Knee replacement is a major surgery, you can expect to feel worse before it gets better, but when you begin to feel better it's a major change in your well being.  Rehab is a large part of your recovery and your recovery time depends on the amount of effort you exert.  At first it may feel like your knee is not getting any better, but it will, and when it does you will feel progress every day.  Take it easy on the meds, work through the pain, and heed the physician's and physical therapist's instructions and you will get better.

I was very impressed with Dr. Kirol's process for this surgery. The pre-op procedures including precise measurements for the knee implant, and infection control precautions made me very confident of a positive outcome.

Thank you Dr. Kirol!

Betsy Nunnery: Tennis Player, Torn Meniscus


One night this past October, I knew something was wrong with my knee. I had just finished playing a tennis match and knew I could not continue to play because of the stiffness and pain in my knee. Since my retirement 6 years ago, I have been going to the gym and playing tennis regularly and now could not do either of these things which changed my everyday routine greatly. I am not one to sit down for hours unless it is at night watching one of the many TV dramas that I DVR. 

I called Midlands Orthopaedic's and to my surprise Dr. Kirol had a few appointments open. I also found out he operated on one of my league teammates, so I felt very comfortable with seeing Dr. Kirol.   I went to see Dr. Kirol and he told me he thought I tore my meniscus. After the MRI confirmed what he suspected, the surgery was scheduled.  After surgery, physical therapy was arranged which really helped me become more aware of what I needed to do to get back to where I was. 

Now seven weeks since my surgery I am playing tennis and going to the gym on a regular basis thanks to Dr. Kirol. You can't even tell I had surgery! My tiny scars are not really visible unless you look really close. I have talked to many people who have had the same problem and some have waited years to do something about it.  My advise is... do not wait. Take care of it right away so you can get back to your normal routine. I highly recommend Dr. Kirol at Midland’s Orthopaedic’s!

Marvin Rhodes: Torn Rotator Cuff

Marvin July 2915.jpg

I first noticed the shoulder pain while doing every day yard work. Any type of arm strain or stretch would cause variable pain and the pain slowly got worse.

I previously saw Dr. Kirol at Midlands Orthopaedics in January of this year for meniscus surgery on my right knee. After three weeks my knee was doing  great. So, there was no doubt where I was going for my shoulder pain: Midlands and Dr. Kirol!

I saw Dr. Kirol and he initially gave me an injection to help alleviate pain. An ultrasound during the office visit showed a rotator cuff tear, and we  scheduled my surgery.

Four to five weeks following the rotator cuff surgery, I had very little pain and 80-90% full motion in my shoulder. It has now been 12 weeks and I still have to be careful not to over do or lift heavy objects, but other than that, I am doing extremely well.

The advice I would give to others with knee or shoulder pain is "Do not put if off too long!” Go to Midlands Orthopaedics and ask for Dr. Kirol and Stavros. You will be glad you did!

Thank God for them.

Bernie Chapman: Golfer, Torn Meniscus


It started when I was exercising…. I didn't think much of it initially so I continued riding my elliptical (thinking I could "work this pain out"). The sensation was annoying, but not real painful. A couple of days later, I went to the Heritage golf tournament and limped the golf course for three days…. and yes, it was hurting then.

I heard from several friends of their good experiences with Midlands Orthopaedics. That Sunday evening, I went to their website and looked at their list of Orthopods and researched a few of them. I decided upon Dr Bernard Kirol (what turned out to be a great decision). Both Dr. Kirol and Midlands Orthopaedics had very high recommendations and practice histories.

I completed the request for an appointment that Sunday night and received a call the next morning at 8:30 following-up on my request. I had an appointment with Dr Kirol the next day.

He was a pleasure to meet and most professional. After examining my knee he ordered imaging studies. His office called me on Wednesday said that I could see Dr Kirol the next day, Thursday. Dr Kirol reviewed my imaging studies which confirmed a torn meniscus and we discussed my options... without any pressure to do one thing or another. He provided the facts, discussed my activity life style and future expectations and recommended that I should consider surgery, which I decided to do. 

I had the surgery 10 days later (my choice), and after great follow-up care and exceptional physical therapy care, I am doing very well...back to golf and other activities!  

The greatest challenge with my injury was dealing with daily living activities like bending my knee to get in and out of a car; going up and down steps; reaching to tie my shoes, etc...  It definitely slowed me, and those with me, down as we did things and the pain got progressively worse.

Dr. Kirol, referred me to an outstanding physical therapy group, Physical Rehabilitation Group, that ensured that my progress after surgery was successful…and it was. I am pain free with daily life activities and am back to playing golf. Unfortunately, the surgery did not improve on my golf game!

I can only say that my experience with Midlands Orthopaedics, Dr. Kirol, and the Physical Rehabilitation Group was excellent. I could not have hoped for a better outcome or more personal and professional care.

I do not hope for another orthopaedic injury, but if I have one, I will contact Dr. Kirol first!

Cindy Stiltner: School Teacher, Rotator Cuff Repair

My injury occurred through a combination of lifting heavy objects at home and work. This limited me to what I could do daily with my shoulder. Gradually the pain began to increase.

I contacted Dr. Kirol at Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery. He had preformed surgery on my husband and I witnessed the excellent care he received first hand.

I had total confidence in Dr. Kirol, his Physician Assistant, Stavros Chrysostomides and his entire staff. They worked together as a team to assist me and meet my needs.

After surgery, I benefited from Occupational Therapy and continued range of motion exercises and stretches at home. This quickly increased my recovery time. Within weeks, I could move my arm within normal limits.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kirol and his staff without hesitation.

Jonathan Klett: Law Student, Soccer Player, Torn ACL

I tore my ACL last year while playing in a summer soccer league.

The greatest challenge I faced in dealing with my injury was finding a correct time to have the surgery done. I was enrolled in law school in New Orleans at the time of my injury and I had to wait until winter break to schedule my surgery.

Being in school for a semester with a torn ACL was painful.

I previously had two surgeries done at Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery and they were done with the utmost care.

I saw Dr. Kirol for my knee. He was able to schedule a prompt surgery upon my return to Columbia during my winter break so I could recover within my month off.

After surgery, I made a quick recovery and was able to perform physical therapy the entire next semester to build my leg strength back up.

Currently, I still need to use a knee brace with certain physical activities, but I am gaining more leg strength every day and feel like I am almost fully recovered.

I am completely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Kirol and I have made a great recovery.

Wesley Nichols: Sales Manager, Sports Lover, Torn ACL

I tore my right knee ACL while playing soccer. Unfortunately, a fun day with friends turned into a pretty painful, and scary, experience. 

I chose to see Dr. Kirol and his team. The reviews online were great and the offices/hospital were local to where I live. 

It didn't take long for Dr. Kirol and Stavros to diagnose the problem and get me scheduled for surgery. They have been nothing short of professional.  No canceled meetings. No long wait times during appointments. Very direct answers and suggestions from them both, which I like.  If they think you should or should not be doing something, they will tell you the truth, which I like.  I hope to never have this injury again, but if I do, I will use them again.

The biggest challenge in the days after my surgery was doing my job at the same pace I had been prior to injury.  I wasn't able to fly for a period of time, and only being able to drive and walk limited my availability to clients.  

I am only in the sixth month of recovery, so I'm still a little limited with twisting motions, but I'm running 3-5 miles at a slow pace with a brace on. I have not had any other issues besides than the usual swelling after increased acitivities and this continue to improve with time.  

My advice to others with a torn ACL ... get the surgery and don't put it off. 

Then, after surgery, make sure you stay on schedule with the rehabilitation.  When the classes are done, continue to do at home exercises.  It will make a difference. 

A personal lesson learned ... going forward, I will make sure my health and body strength are prepared for the physical activities I want to engage in.

Martha Burnette: Superwoman, Rotator Cuff Repair

I have led a very active lifestyle for sixty years: yard work, boot camp, big dogs, horses and barn chores, lifting, dragging, pulling heavy things, etc. I thought I was Superwoman!

Then I started having extreme shoulder pain and reduced mobility. When I reached for something on a shelf, there was stabbing pain, and I couldn't lift anything.

My doctor referred me to Dr. Kirol and his team.  I met with both Dr. Kirol and his Physician Assistant, Stavros. 

First, they tried a conservative approach with injections and medication, but when that didn't help, an MRI showed a seriously torn rotator cuff! Surgery was required to restore my mobility.

Dr. Kirol and Stavros spent much time preparing me for the surgery and answering every single question. Pre-op was easy: scheduling, insurance, payments, etc. There were no problems when my surgery time came. The nurses' care was excellent both before and after. Anesthesia was carefully administered. I was on my way home by noon to begin recovery in the comfort of my own home.

Within a week, I began physical therapy, which I am convinced sped up my recovery time. I also returned for post-op visits, where Dr. Kirol and his team continued to address all my concerns. I wore a sling for about a month and moved carefully for another month, and I could see improvement every day.

Now almost four months after surgery, my strength and mobility are near-normal. I am back out in the yard and pool. Although, I have a new respect for heavy objects!

Thank you Dr. Kirol and Stavros for spending so much time with me and taking such good care of me during diagnosis, surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend these two if you need shoulder surgery. 

Fred DeFoor: Musician, Conductor, Torn Rotator Cuff

My experience with Dr. Kirol and his team of medical professionals, dealing with my torn rotator cuff, was superb.

I am a 61 year old male, in otherwise excellent health, and this was my first surgery and first time under extended care by a medical team.

From front desk to departure personnel, they provided me with fine care and genuine concern throughout the process.

I received my injury when I tripped in my yard and caught myself awkwardly with my right arm. I am a church musician by calling and practice, and because I use my arms and shoulders extensively in my work, and because I love yard work, I felt like I was in pretty good shape.

The injury, however, was severe enough for Dr. Kirol to schedule surgery quickly. Unfortunately for me, my injury came just in time for our busy Easter season. Frankly, I did not relish the idea of conducting music for my choir or congregation wearing a sling on my dominant hand, but as with all these kinds of surgeries, one does what one must do!

After the procedure, all indications were that the surgery had gone well. As would be expected, the first few days were fairly uncomfortable, but I discovered that keeping ahead of the pain with medication is important! I was back to work in two weeks, though I had to wear a sling for six.

Although Dr. Kirol stressed that I was not to use the arm for anything initially, at my two-week check-up, some constraints were relaxed. Very significant, I could finally drink coffee with that arm!

At my 6 week checkup, everything looked great – my range of motion and strength of shoulder impressed the doctors. The sling came off; I could drive, and rehab sessions were scheduled.

After 10 sessions, I again consulted with Dr. Kirol and staff, and they were excited to release me to “home rehab" and gave me effective exercises from the excellent staff at Midlands Orthopedic Rehab Center to continue my recovery. 

I appreciate so very much the kind attention of the Midlands Orthopedic staff, Dr. Kirol and his expertise, and I would recommend this medical group without reservation!