Wesley Nichols: Sales Manager, Sports Lover, Torn ACL

I tore my right knee ACL while playing soccer. Unfortunately, a fun day with friends turned into a pretty painful, and scary, experience. 

I chose to see Dr. Kirol and his team. The reviews online were great and the offices/hospital were local to where I live. 

It didn't take long for Dr. Kirol and Stavros to diagnose the problem and get me scheduled for surgery. They have been nothing short of professional.  No canceled meetings. No long wait times during appointments. Very direct answers and suggestions from them both, which I like.  If they think you should or should not be doing something, they will tell you the truth, which I like.  I hope to never have this injury again, but if I do, I will use them again.

The biggest challenge in the days after my surgery was doing my job at the same pace I had been prior to injury.  I wasn't able to fly for a period of time, and only being able to drive and walk limited my availability to clients.  

I am only in the sixth month of recovery, so I'm still a little limited with twisting motions, but I'm running 3-5 miles at a slow pace with a brace on. I have not had any other issues besides than the usual swelling after increased acitivities and this continue to improve with time.  

My advice to others with a torn ACL ... get the surgery and don't put it off. 

Then, after surgery, make sure you stay on schedule with the rehabilitation.  When the classes are done, continue to do at home exercises.  It will make a difference. 

A personal lesson learned ... going forward, I will make sure my health and body strength are prepared for the physical activities I want to engage in.