Martha Burnette: Superwoman, Rotator Cuff Repair

I have led a very active lifestyle for sixty years: yard work, boot camp, big dogs, horses and barn chores, lifting, dragging, pulling heavy things, etc. I thought I was Superwoman!

Then I started having extreme shoulder pain and reduced mobility. When I reached for something on a shelf, there was stabbing pain, and I couldn't lift anything.

My doctor referred me to Dr. Kirol and his team.  I met with both Dr. Kirol and his Physician Assistant, Stavros. 

First, they tried a conservative approach with injections and medication, but when that didn't help, an MRI showed a seriously torn rotator cuff! Surgery was required to restore my mobility.

Dr. Kirol and Stavros spent much time preparing me for the surgery and answering every single question. Pre-op was easy: scheduling, insurance, payments, etc. There were no problems when my surgery time came. The nurses' care was excellent both before and after. Anesthesia was carefully administered. I was on my way home by noon to begin recovery in the comfort of my own home.

Within a week, I began physical therapy, which I am convinced sped up my recovery time. I also returned for post-op visits, where Dr. Kirol and his team continued to address all my concerns. I wore a sling for about a month and moved carefully for another month, and I could see improvement every day.

Now almost four months after surgery, my strength and mobility are near-normal. I am back out in the yard and pool. Although, I have a new respect for heavy objects!

Thank you Dr. Kirol and Stavros for spending so much time with me and taking such good care of me during diagnosis, surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend these two if you need shoulder surgery.