Fred DeFoor: Musician, Conductor, Torn Rotator Cuff

My experience with Dr. Kirol and his team of medical professionals, dealing with my torn rotator cuff, was superb.

I am a 61 year old male, in otherwise excellent health, and this was my first surgery and first time under extended care by a medical team.

From front desk to departure personnel, they provided me with fine care and genuine concern throughout the process.

I received my injury when I tripped in my yard and caught myself awkwardly with my right arm. I am a church musician by calling and practice, and because I use my arms and shoulders extensively in my work, and because I love yard work, I felt like I was in pretty good shape.

The injury, however, was severe enough for Dr. Kirol to schedule surgery quickly. Unfortunately for me, my injury came just in time for our busy Easter season. Frankly, I did not relish the idea of conducting music for my choir or congregation wearing a sling on my dominant hand, but as with all these kinds of surgeries, one does what one must do!

After the procedure, all indications were that the surgery had gone well. As would be expected, the first few days were fairly uncomfortable, but I discovered that keeping ahead of the pain with medication is important! I was back to work in two weeks, though I had to wear a sling for six.

Although Dr. Kirol stressed that I was not to use the arm for anything initially, at my two-week check-up, some constraints were relaxed. Very significant, I could finally drink coffee with that arm!

At my 6 week checkup, everything looked great – my range of motion and strength of shoulder impressed the doctors. The sling came off; I could drive, and rehab sessions were scheduled.

After 10 sessions, I again consulted with Dr. Kirol and staff, and they were excited to release me to “home rehab" and gave me effective exercises from the excellent staff at Midlands Orthopedic Rehab Center to continue my recovery. 

I appreciate so very much the kind attention of the Midlands Orthopedic staff, Dr. Kirol and his expertise, and I would recommend this medical group without reservation!