Jonathan Klett: Law Student, Soccer Player, Torn ACL

I tore my ACL last year while playing in a summer soccer league.

The greatest challenge I faced in dealing with my injury was finding a correct time to have the surgery done. I was enrolled in law school in New Orleans at the time of my injury and I had to wait until winter break to schedule my surgery.

Being in school for a semester with a torn ACL was painful.

I previously had two surgeries done at Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery and they were done with the utmost care.

I saw Dr. Kirol for my knee. He was able to schedule a prompt surgery upon my return to Columbia during my winter break so I could recover within my month off.

After surgery, I made a quick recovery and was able to perform physical therapy the entire next semester to build my leg strength back up.

Currently, I still need to use a knee brace with certain physical activities, but I am gaining more leg strength every day and feel like I am almost fully recovered.

I am completely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Kirol and I have made a great recovery.