Vincent Perry: Golfer, Father, Knee Arthritis


After years of aggressive use of my knees for both work and play, I developed osteoarthritis in both of my knees. As a result of the arthritis, the pain in my knees progressed to the point where every step I took was painful.  I was no longer able to walk long distances, throw the football with my children, conduct building tours at work, and play golf.

I was referred to Dr. Kirol in 2009 for shoulder pain.  He performed surgery and the outcome was excellent.  When my knees regressed to the point that my basic life functions where impacted and I could no longer participate in the physical activities that meant the most to me (playing sports with my children and playing golf), I sought out Dr. Kirol.  The result of the shoulder surgery gave me total confidence in Dr. Kirol.

From the first appointment to the surgery Dr. Kirol and his team made me feel confident that, through various treatment methods, my condition would improve.  Through the entire experience I never once felt that his treatment methods wouldn't improve my condition.

My first knee was replaced in April and I was able to play golf in June of 2017.  My second knee was replaced in September of 2017 and I was able to play golf in November, pain free! Total knee replacement has been LIFE CHANGING!

For others with a similar injury or surgical need, advice I would give them is this... Knee replacement is a major surgery, you can expect to feel worse before it gets better, but when you begin to feel better it's a major change in your well being.  Rehab is a large part of your recovery and your recovery time depends on the amount of effort you exert.  At first it may feel like your knee is not getting any better, but it will, and when it does you will feel progress every day.  Take it easy on the meds, work through the pain, and heed the physician's and physical therapist's instructions and you will get better.

I was very impressed with Dr. Kirol's process for this surgery. The pre-op procedures including precise measurements for the knee implant, and infection control precautions made me very confident of a positive outcome.

Thank you Dr. Kirol!