Tony and Jadanna: Torn Rotator Cuff and Knee Arthritis



I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and impingement of the left shoulder. I drive a school bus and steering the bus without severe shoulder pain was incredibly difficult. This could have ultimately affected my job. I saw Dr. Kirol several years ago who performed a knee scope and had excellent results, so I arranged an appointment with him again. Dr. Kirol recommended surgery for my rotator cuff tear. Everything was explained in great detail and all staff, including the surgical staff, were very helpful in answering all my questions. I now no longer have pain while performing my job! I have had a total of three surgeries and procedures done by Midland’s Orthopedics and will not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Kirol and Midland’s Orthopedics.  Thank you for all that you and your staff has done!


I had significant left knee pain which impacted my mobility and the ability to exercise. Just the act of walking comfortably was a challenge. Due to my husband’s great experience with Dr. Kirol, I decided to see him for my knee. I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis of the left knee and Dr. Kirol informed me that I was a candidate for a partial knee replacement. After having my partial knee replacement, I can now walk without a limp and am no longer in pain. We have referred several people with similar issues to Dr. Kirol and we are so pleased with our results. We highly recommend Midland’s Orthopedics, their staff, and facilities. Thank you!